the vintri SOLUTION

Run your pipeline business with verified, accessible, supply chain and operational data.

Vintri Technologies makes this a reality with our suite of products: vintriID, Tag & Go and vintriPLANT. Our products allow you to use your data to mitigate risks and reduce the likelihood of incidents.

Verified information from the supply chain in one location provides:

  • the opportunity to correct missing and erroneous asset data before the pipe is buried
  • workers with the knowledge needed for quicker decision making
  • the ability to immediately respond to an emergency
  • ease of regulatory reporting

Together, these save you time, money and resources.

vintriID and Tag & Go were created to serve the global pipeline operators and their supply chain.

vintriPLANT was developed to support coating companies.


Material Traceability and Data Integrity

Vintri is working with the Pipeline Industry to stay ahead of the constantly evolving regulatory requirements for the managment and operations of pipelines. Our solutions improve asset documentation and provide accessible, validated data that supports Integrity Management plans and provides the Industry with assets they can trust.

In the past, traceability of assets was lost due to faded stencils and manual error. In fact, it is not out of the ordinary for a pipeline project to have stencil issues on up to 6% of the assets on any given project, which can lead to costly construction delays and adds an additional risk to the long-term operations of a pipeline. Additionally, existing practices around the collection and managment of asset data have been paper-based and segmented throughout the supply chain, resulting in data that is not validated and difficult to manage.

Electronically collected data, on the other hand, is easily mined for reports, analytics, and quick answers to regulators. After compiling the data an audit report is generated highlighting the gaps. Vintri works with the supply chain to correct this data before the pipe is in the ground, ensuring you have assets you can trust years after project completion.



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Take control of your data.

Built on an enterprise-based security and infrastructure platform, vintriID brings your new build pipeline into the 21st century, providing data validation and customizable asset data conformance management.

Data Validation

VintriID ensures that the pipe data received from the Supply Chain is complete and aligns with the data standards that were defined by the Operator – missing or invalid data is no longer an option. When data is uploaded, either using file uploads or a direct connection API, each data point is checked for both completeness and conformance, ensuring your data is verified and reliable.

Data Vault

Store all “in progress” data and documentation ensuring anywhere, anytime access. Operators can log in from their mobile device or desktop to view all of the current information related to an asset, run reports, and answer stakeholder questions through the lifetime of the pipeline. This data can then be integrated directly into critical operational tools such as integrity managment, geo-spatial mapping, and enterprise accounting software.

Serialized Asset ID

Every asset has a unique “license plate” utilizing barcode technology, which allows you to know your materials, weld and GPS location, job history and compliance conformance.

Vintri’s Tag & Go

Vintri’s Tag & Go is a project-based barcoding solution that ensures asset traceability throughout the manufacturing and construction of a pipeline.

  • Barcodes are leveraged throughout the pipe mill and the coating plant to eliminate manual entry and transposition errors.
  • Subsequent asset and production data is associated to the barcodes through Vintri’s Tag & Go system.
  • Vintri provides a primary validation ensuring all information is received and complete.
  • The pipe data is delivered in an electronic output at the end of the project, or electronically transferred to vintriID for immediate online access with consistency and accuracy across all projects.
  • An audit report is generated, highliting gaps in asset data.

Because the data is electronically transferred between systems, accuracy is increased, and an auditable log of all transactions is maintained.


Trace and record your data.

Serialized Material Traceability — Electronic Records Management.

Accurate and comprehensive data is essential to your organization.

vintriPLANT is an all-encompassing inventory plant management system with electronic data capture and serialized asset traceability.

  • Time-stamped user log of completed transactions.
  • Customer-facing portal for your clients to login and view the current status of their orders.
  • Enhanced data accuracy through data integrity rules embedded throughout the application.
  • Customized modules to manage inventory, data, and production through each plant process, including non-conformance and issue management resolution.
  • Seamless integration with your ERP and accounting software systems.
  • Ease of access through a cloud/browser-based platform for computer and smart device usage.

Work WITH The Regulators

Gain control of your data, and build market confidence.

The industry is subjected to increased scrutiny and enhanced expectations for regulatory conformance reporting. Become an industry leader with the help of the vintri SOLUTION.

Pipeline operators are able to drill down on serialized real-time asset and supply chain data. The data is verified and electronically accessible from suppliers to contractors across the supply chain.

  • Have the necessary data when you need it in a shareable, electronic format for years after project completion.
  • Lead an industry changing initiative in support of your Integrity Managment initiatives.
  • Be a part of the future for electronic material traceability.
  • Equip your company for immediate response in the event of emergency.

Certification Programs

Your expertise + our data solution = a new way of doing business.

Vintri works with your suppliers and contractors to get the data your company needs to 100% data integrity standards. Vintri is the supply chain data collaboration engine that leads the pipeline industry. We train your staff to apply the tags and gather data, resulting in a much lower implementation cost.

Tag Certification

  • Engineered tags used within Vintri and downstream processes.
  • Store relevant data across the lifecycle of an asset in the vintri SOLUTION.
  • Training materials with proven techniques for tag application.

Your Asset Tracking Future

Tracking assets electronically (rather than keeping paper stacks or PDFs) eases the operator’s burden to meet regulatory requirements making it quicker and easier to access information while ensuring the accuracy of the data. Vintri represents the future of the industry by providing real-time, accessible, company-wide data, with conformance reporting for every jurisdiction your pipeline runs through.

The importance of electronically tracking assets includes:

  • immediate access to sufficient data to meet regulatory requirements and reporting obligations;
  • access to the necessary data when faced with an unplanned event;
  • giving field operations access to required electronic data in order to meet operational and conformance obligations
  • understanding where field assets are located, the job history, the operational workflow, and the associated data.

“In today’s technological age, where real-time access to information is the norm, the pipeline industry should not continue to rely on PDF technology. ”

– Phil Roberts, President


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