vintriPLANT – Data Validation and Material Traceability begins at the Plant

October 1, 2015

vintriPLANT – The Implementation

In 2012 Vintri Technologies was selected by ShawCor to build a tailored, customized plant management system for their pipe coating plants across the United States. Importance was placed on eliminating human error through manual data entry, with a focus on barcoding and data validation throughout the system.

On July 14, 2014 vintriPLANT went live in all US ShawCor plants, providing integration to their ERP systems, electronic shop floor data functionality, and electronic lot and yard management. In March 2015, functionality to barcode serialized inventory from the pipe mill, through to the end of coating without any manual identification of pipe was introduced, allowing workers to accurately track activities and data for pipe with complete electronic traceability. This functionality allows ShawCor to move away from any manual entry or handwritten form of traceability data such as pipe IDs, heat numbers, and length, further guaranteeing their customers accuracy and completeness of data. The ability to upload photos and notes for inspection reports, and real time access to customer inventory reports has resulted in an ease of data searching for customer inquiries. Vintri is currently working with the ShawCor team to roll out this solution to all ShawCor Canadian plants in 2015, and across the globe in 2016 and 2017.

VintriPLANT – the Benefits

Increased Data Accuracy:

Vintri’s automated, integrated system has resulted in less duplication of data entry, and more checks and balances, which has improved compliance levels, improved workflow, and reduced processing errors. This has resulted in dramatically increased accuracy of stored pipe information. To manage work orders, production schedules, and ensure data accuracy, vintriPLANT allows for the ability to easily transfer pipes, manage work queues, and create NCR / IRRs.

 Easy accessibility of pipe data has improved customer service:

Pipe data is now available both on a real time, secure web portal and in an electronic data book, replacing excel spreadsheets, email attachments, and phone calls. Because the pipe data is electronically gathered, stored, and tied to unique identifiers, information can easily be pulled to answer inquiries from a regulator, the supply chain, or a customer. Employees can sort all existing pipe information by various categories and filter searches to quickly find required details. ShawCor can now easily create and export a customer inventory report or view the total quantity of bare pipe and coated pipe in the yard at any time.

Cost Savings:

Shawcor can now take a pulse of their business at any time, and view up to the minute inventory counts. Having more efficient operations results in money and time saved, and delivering a better product for the end customer will mean continued growth.


In today’s day and age, competitive differentiation is key to making advancements in the industry and growing market share. VintriPLANT’s data validation and material traceability provides that for ShawCor. The pipeline industry is moving from a ‘contractor build-owner operate’ model to an integrated supply chain/asset management model where every component of the pipeline will be traceable, and all related data for every component will be captured and managed throughout the pipeline lifecycle.  Expanding globally with the objective of bringing more pipe mills into the system for all of ShawCor’s global customers will supply consistent data quality for all of its projects. Efforts are also underway to bring additional owners and operators into the system to further expansion and adoption. The ability to not only provide an electronically traceable solution throughout the pipe manufacturing supply chain, but also out into the field, is an appealing concept that operators have referred to as the future of data and traceability in the industry.

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