Integrity Management in the Pipeline Industry

June 30, 2015

Within the Pipeline Industry, Integrity Management is often referring to the systematic approach to ensure the long-term integrity of a pipe. Many companies focus their Integrity Management Program (IMP) on pipe maintenance – monitoring pipeline stress, corrosion, wall roughness, and material fatigue. However, one main problem facing the industry that has begun to be referenced in Integrity Management is the inaccurate data and documentation on pipe information. Transposed data points, lost spreadsheets, and smudged stencils often reduce the ability to operate pipelines safely and efficiently.

Vintri can assist in reaching your IMP goals by providing electronic material traceability on all pipe information along the supply chain – steel origin details, mill tests, inspection data, coating data, etc. Our solution aggregates data from multiple sources into one Common Data Model which allows the data to be easily searched. Vintri’s Validation engine checks the incoming data against the parameters set by the operators, resulting in accurate data you can trust. Now, answers to questions from stakeholders are found in moments with a simple query. Information is stored online or offline in a central, searchable data repository that is accessed at your desk online, or through our app on your device. The data is accurate, trusted, and traceable, resulting in time and money saved.

A company’s pipeline integrity is maintained through proper design, construction, monitoring, inspections and maintenance protocols beginning right at the engineering and design phase. With Vintri’s solution you have access to the data that proves your compliance. A strong Integrity Management Plan will optimize operational and capital expenditures, ensure best-in-class practices, and ultimately increase shareholder, management, regulator and public confidence.