Customer Testimonial – Paul Kleinen, Bredero Shaw

May 30, 2015

In May’s Issue of the U.K. based Pipeline Coating Magazine, Paul Kleinen, V.P, Engineering and Technology at Bredaro Shaw, was interviewed for an article titled “Keeping Track of Pipe Data.” The following excerpts highlight some of the reasons Bredero Shaw chose Vintri for their pipe tracking needs.

“Before selecting Vintri we surveyed the market and evaluated a number of potential solutions,” says Paul Kleinen, Vice President, Engineering and Technology at Bredero Shaw. “We selected Vintri because it not only provided a superior solution to pipe tracking, but it also allowed us to offer our customers an electronic product data solution that enabled their growing asset management programs.

Key data elements that VintriPlant records include the pipe number, length, heat number that references the steel used to make the pipe, dates of receipt, manufacture and shipment, results of Quality Control tests, and raw material batch/lot numbers for coating materials. “Data from the steel and pipe manufacturers is transmitted to the Vintri cloud environment and we access that data when we receive pipe at our plant,” says Paul Kleinen. “As the pipe moves through our manufacturing process, additional data are added. The combined data set is provided to our customers and the cloud-based, full data set can be accessed by scanning the bar code on the pipe.”

Vintri and Bredero Shaw have highlighted four specific areas where the new system provides benefits. “Firstly, we can offer improved customer service,” says Paul Kleinen. “Pipe data is now available both on a real-time, secure, web portal and in an electronic data book. This replaces Excel spreadsheets, email attachments, and phone calls. We can also offer improved data accuracy and traceability. The old process was error prone and required a significant amount of manual effort to resolve data gaps and reconcile inventory. Vintri has helped us eliminate this ‘waste’ and not only makes a contribution to lean manufacturing but also offers our customers a better quality result. In addition, safety is enhanced. Automated pipe tracking and data management eliminates some of the need to handle pipe, such as during the receiving process. This supports our ‘hands-free initiative’ designed to improve safety by eliminating the opportunity for injuries caused by people touching pipe in the manufacturing process. Finally, we feel that the new system offers a platform for growth. The pipeline industry is moving from a ‘contractor build-owner operate’ model to an integrated supply chain/asset management model where every component of the pipeline pressure envelope will be traceable to the manufacturer, and all quality related data for every component will be captured and managed throughout the pipeline lifecycle.

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